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Client Testimonials

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Katelyn Peterson

"When I first started training with Stephanie, my horse Flash didn't even know how to canter.  I wanted to show in dressage so badly but had very minimal experience and a horse who was still recovering from the emotional trauma of abuse.  Stephanie definitely had her work cut out for her work cut out for her!  But, after a few years of training with her, Flash and I are now showing successfully at Second Level and some of our highest marks are in our canter work.  Stephanie is one of the best instructors I have worked with.  She believes any horse can do dressage and works hard to bring out the best in any horse and rider pair."

S. Russell

"Stephanie is a truly good person with integrity, honesty and compassion.

She believes the wellbeing of the horse is paramount.

What I appreciate about taking lessons with Stephanie is her ability to pinpoint exactly what needs to be corrected with me to bring about the desired result with my horse.  She communicates well, and also has a keen sense of building blocks for horse and rider."

Julie Henry

"I'm so grateful that Stephanie Leahey has moved to Virginia.  She is an outstanding dressage trainer and instructor, grounded in classical technique, clear and direct in her teaching, but always kind and supportive to horse and rider.  


I'm learning so much and my horse is happy. She is professional in every way and just a pleasure to work with. Thank you Stephanie!"

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